Ajax (2012). Brother of Milo. Lots of fur, strong work ethics, some brains, severely limited guard dog abilities and no balls. Interests include bugging Talik, food, sleeping, food, fetching balls and food.


Flash (2009). More fur than brains but gets along with everyone. Came to us from Alaska via friends 2 years ago. Loves playing in the running area, especially with Narsaq. Read more about Flashs previous adventures here:


Narsaq (2015). Storms first dog and youngest of the furry ones, Milos biggest fan and aspirering lead dog. Lots of enthusiasm and energy but still easily distracted (ohh look reindeer). Interests include playing with Flash and Ajax and chewing up collars.


Milo (2012). Sister of Ajax and niece to Talik. Smallest dog in the pack but the brains of the family. Has developed into an excellent lead dog. Prefers working alone but has now, somewhat grudgingly, accepted her role as mentor for Narsaq. Interests include sleeping at home, harassing her brother, belly rubs and running.


Red (2012). Happiest dog on the island. Enthusiasm through the roof. Loves everything and everyone. Came to us along with Flash two years ago. Has done Svalbard north-south with Talik and works well in the team. Intrests: Everything is AWSOME, everything is cool when you´re part of a team.Read more about Red here:



Talik (2008). Longsuffering uncle and biggest idol to Milo and Ajax. Our big cuddly teddy bear who thinks and act like a miniature lapdog, not realizing he is in fact a small pony. Has done Svalbard north-south with Red. He is a decent lead dog, good hiking trip companion, main tractor in the team and a completely hopeless polar bear guard dog. Interests include as close as possible contact with humans, driving in cars, food and hugs.

Milo and Reds litter, born in September. 2 will stay with us the rest goes to friends in town.